Foundation Thang visits Nepal, 2023 – Mithila Art Workshop for Children

May 13 – A one-day workshop for children in Mithila art was held at Anu Books in Lalitpur. The workshop was conducted by artist S.C. Suman. The program was fully initiated by the Thang foundation and was offered free to participants. 15 children between the age of 5 to 15 took part in the workshop. Mr. Suman began the workshop with a brief background about how he got interested in this art form and he also explained a brief history of Mithila art. The participants were then involved in a lot of activities which included basic Mithila art drawing and piggy bank painting among others. The children emerged themselves in the activities and it was especially interesting to see them do Mithila art in Dutch house cutouts. Children were given art materials to take home along with the art work created during the workshop. They were also provided snacks and drinks during the workshop. At the end of the workshop, parents joined in to see their children’s work.  

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