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About Thang Foundation


Thang Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to develop creative and educational projects for children in Nepal. The projects focus on children’s books and reading pleasure.

The name Thang comes from the Nepalese word Thangka, which means work of art. A Thangka is a painted or embroidered Tibetan Buddhist banner that was originally hung in a monastery or above a family altar. During the ceremonial processions, it was carried by monks. The Tibetan word ‘thang’ means flat and indicates that a thangka is a painting on a flat surface, which, however, can be rolled up when it is not displayed.

Our vision


Many parents in Nepal are unable to buy books for their children. The efforts of the Thang Foundation make this possible. We think it is important that children have the opportunity to get lost in a book. By offering them colourful books, they imagine themselves in a creative world that they have never seen before. It’s a magical moment when you see children holding a picture book for the first time.

Our foundation has two goals: first, to develop and implement educational projects for children in the creative field. The second goal is to place Book Bags to offer children the opportunity to read children’s books even in very remote areas. These are emphatically not educational books. These children’s books are borrowed from the donated Book Bags.

What we do


Our foundation has a number of important parts. One part is the bookbags. The bookbags are placed in schools in remote areas. In this way, children from all areas have the opportunity to read a book. The books from the bookbags have all been donated and can be borrowed for the children. The term non-profit is very important. Everything we do goes directly to the foundation, so that we can make as many children happy as possible.


Riki; our mascot

May we introduce to you: Riki de Pangolin, the mascot of Thang Foundation

On a stormy January evening, the chairman heard some stumbling and persistent knocking at her front door. What is her surprise when she finds a small rained-out Pangolin on the doormat. Good evening says the animal; I’m Riki, can I come in for a second? How Riki ended up on her doorstep and what kind of adventures he endured before that, we will keep a secret for a while.


But one thing is certain Riki is a tough guy who has been committed to the Thang Foundation from that moment on and we are very happy with him…..

Why did we choose to have the Pangolin as the mascot for our foundation?

The Pangolins are a rare animal worldwide but they still live in Nepal where we are active with our foundation that is why He can be the “Face” of the Thang Foundation.

Want to know more about the Pangolin?

Why a mascot? Our foundation visits schools in Nepal to draw attention to the children’s reading book and thus to promote reading in schools where this is not self-evident.

A nice mascot with a high level of cuddliness can contribute positively to this and initiate a conversation.

Children will ask questions about the Pangolin, so we can also draw attention to this special animal.

We hope to visit many schools and bookshops with Rikki in the future in the Netherlands and in Nepal.

Would you like to learn more about Lisette, the creator of Riki? take a look at her website:

We are an ANBI foundation!


From 1 January 2008, tax deduction will be allowed for donations made to institutions that have been designated by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). The Thang Foundation has been designated as such).

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