Become a donor?

The donated money will under no circumstances be handed to the country. The money will be used for materials, books and other tactile means to achieve the goal of the foundation  

One-time only donations

You would like to donate an amount only once? Please deposit the amount you would like to NL 98TRIO0338623043  in the name Stichting Thang. Would you be so kind to add your (email) address to your deposit? We would like to thank you.   

Periodic donations

You can increase the amount you donate without it costing you money. Make your gifts deductible: turn them into a periodic donation. As a fixed donator you can structurally contribute to our projects. Since January 2008 gift deduction is allowed for donations to foundations which are designated as general utility aiming institution at disposal by tax authorities.

We thank you warmly in advance.

Postadres:                      Bockstraat 50, 6461VX Kerkrade
Triodos Rekening:        NL 98TRIO0338623043
KvK-nummer:               68692315