Foundation Thang visits Nepal, 2023 – Neschil

All photos of this trip are made by Huub Giezberts

April 25 – Marleen and Anuradha visited NESCHIL office in Kathmandu and met with the newly formed executive team. A long discussion was held regarding the possible collaborating between not only Thang and NESCHIL but also between Thang, NESCHIL and IBBY Netherlands. The minutes of the workshop has been sent by NESCHIL to Thang via email.  

April 26 – Following the first meeting, another meeting was held between Thang and NESCHIL including the president, vice president (Kathmandu province), general secretary (on behalf of Lumbini province) and the vice presidents of other 5 provinces. All 7 provinces discussed on ideas how Thang and NESCHIL can collaborate. Most of the ideas were about conducting writing workshops for children in schools to make aware of the issues in their area as well as to promote and make them aware of their culture and traditions. These ideas were later sent to Thang in proposal format as well.

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May 07 – A third meeting was also held between Thang and NESCHIL to discuss agendas with the IBBY Netherland team including Martine and Marloes were present at the meeting. Similarly, former president of NESCHIL Mr.Dhruva Kumar Ghimire was also invited to the meeting on special request by Marleen. Once the meeting began, since NESCHIL did not come prepared with any agendas, Marleen brought forward a discussion on making a library. IBBY Netherland agreed to help with silent books as well as library management training. The meeting ended with the decision that NESCHIL will take further action on this matter and also look for opportunities to tie up with existing libraries.    

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