Foundation Thang visits Nepal, 2023 – Visits other libraries (non-Thang)


May 18 – The team also visited Shree Moti Secondary School in Jhapa at the request of Mr. Chhavi Basnet, principal of the school, to discuss building a library. Though the school does not have a Thang library yet, they were also given a one-year subscription to Kid’s Insider magazine. They also met with the mayor of Jhapa, Rajendra Lingden and at his request, visited a school in Haldibari Rural Municipality. Later, Thang discussed about the possibility to make a community library in the district. No concrete decisions were taken.

On the same day, on the way to Moti Secondary School, the team visited a Children’s club. The work that the local community children were doing there was impressive. Next day, Marleen took the boy in charge to choose books for the library and also promised to change the top of the table at the club.


May 01 – Marleen travelled from Pokhara to Dang to discuss the possibility of opening a library. Together with Dinesh (the contact person) is decided not to realize a new library in this district.


May 22 – Marleen visited a Chepang school, at the request of Dhruba Giri from Sapana Village. Discussions were held regarding building a library for the children at the school. Marleen promised to look at the possibilities, if we find a sponsor for this project.

May 23 – The team visited a beautiful project “Annapurna Bal Ashram” in Pokhara. This is an orphanage where about 50 children will soon live. This beautiful building has been designed by architect Nirpal Adhikary. Discussions were held to raise funds to realize a beautiful Thang children’s reading corner here.

May 27 – Thang and Kopila Kitab jointly organized a book launch program at Maxim’s Banquiet and Events, Lalitpur.  The book ‘The Land of the Giants and the Yeti’ is a collection of 8 folktales of Nepal jointly illustrated by 8 Nepali and Dutch illustrators in pairs.  


  • The program had selected guests from different fields and it was a great success
  • Collaboration between artists of two countries
  • Archiving of Nepali folktales
  • Hard cover book with folded pages
  • Bi-lingual book
  • Good quality product


  • New concept for publishers and had to take help from Dutch publisher and designer.
  • Pricing had to be decided for Nepal and outside of Nepal
  • To maintain quality expected by Thang


  • Since the book will be sold commercially and profit will be divided between the publisher and Thang, it might not be fair on the illustrators to have worked on the book for free. Perhaps, we might have to discuss this about such future projects.

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