Nepal trip November 2019

Thang Foundation has made a fantastic journey trough Nepal this November. This years group
consisted of Marleen Fischer, Amber DeLahaye, Mark Janssen, Linde Faas and Evert Mul.
Marleen and Amber as experienced members of the foundation, Mark as ambassador and
author and, on invitation, Linde teamed up with us as author and her husband Evert joined us as
The goal of this trip was to do both follow-ups on previous projects and to include 7 new schools
in our book bag project. Five of these schools are located in Sauraha and two in Janakpur. In
addition, the foundation wanted to promote reading books for children, including no less than
two new picturebook translation of our own!
We have been able to translate two books from dutch to Nepali, thanks to good conversations
and agreements with both Kathalaya Publishers in Nepal and Lemniscaat publisher in the
These books are: ‘The boy and the whale’, by Linde Faas and ‘Stop! Monsters!’ by Mark
Janssen. Last year, Mark’s book “Nothing happened’ had already been translated to Nepali. All
of these books will have a prominent spot in our Bookbags.
Mark and Linde participated in this year’s program to share their knowledge gained as writers
and illustrators. They shared this during promoting their translated books via storytelling and
workshops in writing and illustrating. Mark and Linde made their books come alive and provided
the pupils with a small taste of the magic that happens when you read for fun.
Furthermore, we had multiple activities in Kathmandu where our Authors and illustrated teamed
up with their colleagues in Nepal and sicussed how to take the standard of children books to a
higher level.
We feel obliged to share that this entire trip is based on the principles of non-profit.
Lastly, we have worked on expanding the cooperation with other Dutch organisation in the area.
It is incredibly beautiful to see the importance of COOPERATION. Together with a contact of
MEDORA foundation, we have discussed and selected five new schools in Sauraha that
perfectly fit our concept. We have already paid them all a visit to get familair with each other.
As requested by ‘Light of life’ foundation, we have visited another school in Amaghar where we
were asked to evaluate and improve their already created children’s readingbooks programma.
Another visit we look back on with a smile on our face and warmth in our heart!

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