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betekenis thang


Meaning of Thang T(h)an(g)ka (work of art) 

19th century Thanka

A Thangka, or t(h)an(g)ka, is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton, or silk appliqué, which originally was hung in monasteries or above family altars. additionally, they were carried around by monks during the ceremonial processions.
The Tibetan word Thang means ‘surface’ and is used to point out a painting on a flat surface, although it can be rolled up whenever it isn’t necessary to be shown. 


About the organisation

We are Marleen Fischer and Amber DeLahaye, the board members of “ Thang Foundation’ .
The foundation had developing and executing educational projects on a creational level for young people as its main goal. Our second goal is to place book bags at schools across the country, even in the remote areas. With this we aim to provide children with reading books (no study books) by lending them for the pupils to read.