Monday we gave our second collage workshop at LMV. We were very happy to see that the kids learned a lot and had much more fun in making the collage.

This was a very special week for us. The week of a five-day-long Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal   called Tihar. This festival is all about friends and family and we got to celebrate it at the DOCS foundation, an orphanage in Nakkhu were we will be placing a mini-library. 

We had two wonderful days of work and fun. We believe that every child needs a nice place to read and feel at home. While Marleen went to the bookshop with 4 of the kids to make them pick out books, Amber made a big painting on the wall in the joint room.
In Nepal it’s not a regular thing for kids to see a bookshop and pick out they’re own books. Most of the children don’t get in contact with books for fun. They only see books as learning-material that teachers pick out for them.
At the end of day two, we ate together and played our memory game to celebrate! 

Furthermore, we had another consultation with Sarita Dongol about the rebuilding of the outdated library next year in Khokana. Khokana is a traditional and tiny Newari village about 8 kilometers south of Kathmandu (on the outskirts of Patan).
The placement or rebuilding of a mini-library takes a lot of preparation. There are forms that need to be filled out and the input of the town itself is very important. Also, we are in need of a contact person to do check-ups with. All this needs to be discussed before the project can be started.

On Saturday we visited the secondary school of Kirtipur. We were invited to take a look and it was a very good school with a beautiful library and kindergarten. They are even exploring possibilities for the placement of a small playground which is very special in Nepal.

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