This week we have been traveling a lot. So during Dashain we decided to go to Tukuche. To celebrate Dashain with friends, but mainly to check out the location of the first Mini-library. 

Packed with a suitcase full of books we travelled two days to the mountains. We handed the books to Purna and Patrick. The books were sponsored by Stichting Thang and Srijanalaya. 

The mini-library is going to be established  inside the Shree Yogendra Higher Secondary School.

Furthermore, we can say that the second Mini-library was placed in Dang. Sadly we don’t have enough time to go and see it.

We decided to make the Mini-libraries our main priority instead of persisting the library-bus idea. Mainly because there already is a simular concept in Nepal and it doesn’t match our ideals. The most important goal of our project is that the books will reach every child. The school and the children in remote areas have our main priority and due to bad infrastructure we can’t reach them by bus. By placing the Mini-Libraries kids have access to the books the whole year through. The libraries are placed at secured places and within communities. 

Last Thursday we came back and on Friday we started Day 1 of our ‘Book creation workshop’. It was organized by Srijanalaya and supported by The Asia Foundation. 

The workshop was held in Drawing Room KTM. And was facilitated by Amber/Stichting Thang. Illustrators will be illustrating the children books on Durga Lal Shrestha’s Nepa bhasa (Newari language) poem and songs. Durga Lal Shrestha is one of the important Nepali writers who has written both in Nepali and in his native language Nepa bhasa. Nepa bhasa is an ethnic language of Newar’s, the indigenous people of Kathmandu. 

This week we would especially like to thank Keshav Pandey from the mountain leaders for arranging our trip. And Purna and Patrick for letting us stay at High Plains inn. 


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